Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Kowhai Team 2 - Term 2 week ending 6 July 2018

Kia ora Kowhai Families

Well here we are at the end of Term 2 already.  What an amazing term of learning we have had. Thank you for all the help with trips, learning, artwork and PMP this term.

The highlight of the last couple of weeks was definitely our trip to the Empress Garden Restaurant. We were so impressed by the way the Kowhai team managed themselves throughout the trip. The parade through the school was adorable and it was wonderful to see students trying new food and enjoying a restaurant experience together. Thanks so much to the parents who came along.

Our cultural inquiry culminated this week with a trip to the Matariki Puppet Show at the Rose Garden in Devonport.  We are very pleased with how the rotation has worked this term and feel students have benefitted from the immersion in each culture throughout reading, writing and inquiry.

Term 3 begins with student led conferences in week 3 and then our bi annual art exhibition on Monday the 13th of August.  Our inquiry focus will be on science and technology. More details to follow next term.

There is also an opportunity for students to participate in the Kids Marathon on 28 October.  This is a great event where students partake in a 12 week training programme.  Training will start before school and during lunchtimes from week 3 next term.  Registrations have to be made online by tomorrow 6 July.  Here's the link to the notice on the school website

An update from Lucinda. She has had her operation and is recovering well at home and sends her best wishes to all.  We are so fortunate to have Liz Tidswell and Nina van Gessel to cover while she is away.  Lucinda is due back week 4 or 5 of next term depending on how her recovery goes.

 Have a safe and restful holiday. Looking forward to hitting the ground running next term!

Ngā Mihi
Annette, Lucinda, Nat, Liz and Nina

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Kowhai Team 2 - Term 2 week 8 ending 22 June 2018

Kia ora Kowhai families . . .
Wow week 8 already! How quickly the term is flying by. We have been having an awesome time with our cultural inquiry rotation and have been so impressed with the student’s engagement and progress in learning in all areas. We are on track to swap for the last time at the end of this week.
Ako Mati - Maori culture with Nat
Ako Wharenui - Pacific Culture with Lucinda
Ako Tau - Asian culture with Annette
A reminder not to be concerned about the level of the book your child brings home during this time as we are focusing on the content of the information. We will return to normal reading classes next term.
We are super excited for our visit to the Empress Garden for lunch this Friday, leaving school at 12pm. Thanks very much to all those parents who are accompanying us. We are sure it will be an interesting and informative visit for all and the team will learn a lot about Chinese culture and food. We are talking to the children about appropriate table manners at restaurants and giving new foods and tastes a try. It would be great if you could follow this up at home.
You may have received a very keen eco warrior message around single use plastics from the children. This is due to enthusiastic, (potentially overzealous!) presentations from the year 5 and 6 students who are trying to turn the tide on plastic use. This is a great initiative and we thank you for your support. We are a motivated waste wise school!
Hammertime is coming up quickly - it is our major fundraiser for the year. It is a fun night out with friends and neighbours and a chance to let your hair down! We are busy creating our collaborative artwork canvases that will be up for sale on the night.
Lucinda will be away from school from next Tuesday until about week 5 of next term as she is having a knee replacement.  She is looking forward to being able to walk normally again! Liz Tidswell will work with the team until the end of this term and after that Nina van Gessel will take over until Lucinda gets back.
Finally a note about sickness, with the onset of winter there are lots of bugs around. If your child is feeling unwell, has a temperature or obvious cold symptoms or other ailments please keep them at home. Conjunctivitis, which is highly infectious, also seems to be doing the rounds and if it is bacterial it will need antibiotic treatment.
 Ngā Mihi
Annette, Lucinda and Nat

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Kowhai Team 2 - Term 2 week 6 ending 8 June 2018

Kia ora Kowhai families ... What a fabulous couple of weeks we have had in the Kowhai Team!

Thanks so much to all parents who accompanied us to Auckland Museum last week. We had an awesome day learning about the origins of Tapa and Tivaivai in the Pacific. The treasure hunt for Asian and Maori artefacts was also great fun. 

We were so proud of the team at the Junior Cross Country last Wednesday. The Kowhai team  gave 100% effort to their races.  We will be giving out certificates for top three placements for Year 2 Boys and Girls races in assembly on Friday 8 June.
Girls Cross Country
Boys Cross Country
1.       Rose Carter
1.       Mathias Smirk
2.       Freya Maclean
2.       Alexander Galbraith
3.       Sylvie Buck
3.       James Dedding

Following the events of last week, the team were given the choice to write about either cross country or the museum trip, here is an example of their work!
Another highlight last week was the delicious rewana bread Ako Tau made with Tash Hazelwood. After a week of studiously feeding the potato bug we were  excited to make it into bread and taste how delicious it was. We were so proud to be able to take a sample up to Kerri and Bevan to try!

Reading and Writing
This week we have changed reading and writing akos so that students have the opportunity to learn about a new indigenous culture. For this week and next students will be reading and writing about a new culture in the following rotation.
Ako Mati - Asian culture with Annette
Ako Wharenui - Maori culture with Nat
Ako Tau - Pacific Culture with Lucinda
This will continue for two weeks when we will swap for the final time so that by the end of the term all students will have been immersed in the three different cultures.
A reminder not to be concerned about the level of the book your child brings home during this time as we are focusing on the content of the information. We will return to normal reading classes next term.
Thanks very much to Fiona Peacocke, Olivia Mishriki, Andrea Galbraith, Gill Faulkner and Anna Dickie for their wonderful help with PMP (perceptual motor programme). Our first equipment session was a huge success and is turning into one of our favourite activities of the week. We will continue running two sessions per week - floor sessions on a Monday and equipment sessions on a Wednesday morning. Let us know if you would like to come and help on a Wednesday.
Finally a note about sickness, with the onset of winter there are lots of bugs around. If your child is feeling unwell, has a temperature or obvious cold symptoms please keep them at home. Conjunctivitis, which is highly infectious, also seems to be doing the rounds and if it is bacterial it will need antibiotic treatment.
Ngā Mihi
Annette, Lucinda and Nat

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Kowhai Team 2 - Term 2 week 4 ending 25 May 2018

Kia ora Kowhai families . . .

We have an exciting trip to Auckland Museum organised for this Monday, 28 May. Thank you to the parents who have offered to come with us. We will leave school promptly at 9.35am and return to school by 2.15pm.

We will have two sessions with the museum education team looking at Pacific Island tapa making and tivaivai in the classrooms. The children will also visit the Maori and Chinese exhibitions in the main galleries.

We will have morning tea at school before we leave and we will have lunch at the museum.
Please put your child’s lunch in ONE named zip lock plastic bag (normal sized lunch) as we will not be taking lunch boxes or bags on the trip. There are drinking fountains at the museum so we will not be taking drinking bottles as storage is limited. 

All children will need to wear shoes to go on the trip.

We would love another couple of helpers to join us for the day, please let Lucinda know whether you are able to join us.

The geometry rotation has now finished, we were really happy with the learning and self-management displayed throughout. Rotating the children around was an excellent way for us to get to know all students learning needs. We will do this again later in the year when we study measurement.

This week we have begun a new focus on addition and subtraction which will continue for the rest of the term.

Automaticity of basic facts is key to helping students achieve their goals so any practise you can do at home is very beneficial e.g.
  • ·         Bonds to 5, 10, 20, 100, 100 (depending on level) (3+2, 4+6, 11+9 etc)
  • ·         Doubles and halves to 20 (8+8=16, half of 16 =8)

New addition and subtraction tasks have been set on mathletics. We have noticed there is a slow down in these tasks being completed.  Please encourage your child to achieve at least a couple of tasks each week if at all possible.

We are well underway with our inquiry into how indigenous cultures express themselves through art. There is some awesome work being created and we are really excited for the art exhibition in Term 3.

Thanks to those parents who have offered help and lent resources. Ako Tau are excitedly watching their Rewana Bread ferment. Thanks Tash Hazelwood!

We have a Chinese calligraphy lesson and a Chinese restaurant experience coming up, thanks to Andy Yuan for his help organising. More information on this later in the term.

Thanks also to Lisa Kau for sending her children to help us learn a Tongan dance and making flowers.

We are integrating our writing sessions with inquiry and from next week the children will be rotating classrooms for writing.
  • AKo Mati – Asian Culture - Annette
  • Ako Tau- Pacific Culture - Lucinda
  • Ako Wharenui – Maori Culture - Nat

Cross Country
As you will have seen cross country has been moved to next Tuesday the 29th of May at 9.15. Please send a change of clothes as the field is very muddy and wet.

Finally, we are starting our first PMP equipment session next Wednesday morning. Thanks so much to those that have volunteered help. We really appreciate it.

Ngā Mihi

Annette, Lucinda and Nat

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Kowhai Team 2 - Term 2 week 2 ending 11 May 2018

Kia ora Kowhai families . . .

Welcome back to term two, we hope everybody had a relaxing break. We are happy to report the Kowhai team has hit the ground running with their learning this term.

Our focus for the first 3 weeks of this term is geometry. The 3 maths groups are revolving around each teacher for a week looking at
·         Reflection and rotation with Annette
·         2 and 3d shape with Nat
·         Orientation and positioning with Lucinda

This term our focus for inquiry is how indigenous cultures express themselves through art. Ako’s are spending 3 weeks with each teacher exploring a different culture. This will take us through to the end of the term.
Wharenui – Asian culture - Annette
Ako Mati – Pacific culture - Lucinda
Ako Tau – Maori culture - Nat
If you have any knowledge or expertise in any of these areas we would love your input. Please get in touch!
To further our knowledge of our 3 cultures we are off on a field trip to the Museum on Monday 28 May.  We will be participating in a lesson as well as exploring Asian and Maori art. Please let us know if you are able to accompany us on this trip. We will need 10 helpers.

We have launched a new independent reading programme which the children complete during reading time, when they are not reading with a teacher and learning assistant. Click on the link below to check out the activity sheet for the first 3 weeks of term.
By giving them some choice in which order they accomplish their tasks we are promoting student agency and encouraging them to use their initiative to complete tasks within a set time. These are crucial skills as they progress through school.
We are integrating our reading with our inquiry so for the 3 weeks they are investigating each culture they will also be reading books during reading time about the subject. This may mean that the level of books they bring home will fluctuate this term as the focus will be about content to add to their knowledge. We will also be progressing their fluency during silent reading time where they will be reading books at their level from their browsing boxes.

We have been learning about using descriptive language to enrich our writing about a Special Place. We are thrilled with the progress the children have made in writing already this year. Thanks for all your handwriting and spelling support at home! They are so keen and ready to learn. We are using a co-teaching model whereby all the children have their needs targeted and strengths challenged.
Thanks to all the parents who have offered help with the PMP (perceptual motor programme) which we are setting up this term. PMP is a motor coordination programme for school age children, comprised of sequential movement activities.  The movement and language explored and developed within the programme helps to support focus, motor co-ordination, cognitive development, social skills and the ability to cope better in the classroom. We have begun the floor sessions and are excited to get the equipment sessions up and running. We really appreciate your help doing this.

Ngā Mihi

Annette, Lucinda and Nat

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Kowhai Team 2 – Term 1 Week 10 ending 13 April 2018

Kia ora Kowhai families . . .

Week 10!  How quickly time has gone by and what a wonderful term it has been. It is hard to remember those first few weeks. 

We are just so thrilled with the learning progress the Kowhai team has made this term. Although we are looking forward to a break over the holidays, we are also busy planning some amazing activities for next term.

The team are buzzing from a wonderful day last Friday. We can definitely say we were all inspired in our different activities. It was a fabulous experience for everyone. Thank you so much for all the help, we could not have done it without you. Please view the Bayfield Gets Inspired slideshow of the day on the blog.

We are excited to launch a perceptual motor programme (PMP) next term for all the children in the junior school. A heads up that we will need some help to run this on a Wednesday morning. More information to follow next term.

Our focus next term will be on how indigenous cultures are expressed through the arts. We will be exploring this through food, dance & visual arts.  This will culminate in a day of celebration toward the end of the term to which you will all be invited.

Finally we would just like to acknowledge the wonderful parent help and support we have received this term. It really helps us and makes a difference to the children’s learning.

Have a restful and safe holiday.

Ngā Mihi

Annette, Lucinda and Nat

Hockey Programme

Michaela, one of our teachers in Team 1 and her partner Elliot are running a fantastic school holiday hockey programme if your children are interested.