Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Kōwhai Team 2 – Week 2 ending 16 February 2018

Welcome to the first Kōwhai team Blog post for 2018. It was fabulous to see so many of you on Tuesday night at the meet the team evening. Please read the PowerPoint presentation that will be posted alongside this post for details of lasts nights’ discussion.

We have made an incredibly positive start to the year and are so impressed with how quickly everyone is settling into their new routines.

It has been a busy few days in the Kōwhai team with the children creating a team treaty integrating the Bayfield values of Excellence, Responsibility, Respect and Diversity to help them to develop a set of team guidelines for the year. Please ask your children to show you our beautifully decorated Kōwhai Tree and talk through the 10 pledges of our treaty

Thank you for getting the stationery back so promptly, we are starting our ongoing programme next Monday and would appreciate it if we could have all items covered and returned by then.

As we mentioned last night we have the opportunity to visit Kelmarna Gardens this Friday 16 and Friday 23 February.

For those of you who are not familiar, Kelmarna Gardens is the local organic farm that runs between Kelmarna Ave and Bayfield Rd. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience gardening and learn about plants and how they grow.

Please make sure children wear sensible shoes (no jandals), bring a hat and drink bottle.

The children will walk there and back in 3 groups across the day.
Ako Tau – 9.10 – 10.50 (Nat)
Ako Mati – 10.50 – 12.40 (Lucinda/ Michaela)
Wharenui - 1.30 – 2.50 (Annette)

We need 2-3 parent helpers per class please. There is a sign up sheet on the Wharenui window or feel free to email us if you can make it. We will not be going if it is raining.

Once again we are delighted with the great start to the year, thanks in advance for your support. Please feel free to email us with any issues or questions.

Best Wishes
Annette, Lucinda and Natalie

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