Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Kowhai Team 2 - Term 1 week 4 ending 2 March 2018

Kia Ora from the Kowhai team
How quickly the term is racing by. Week four already and we are getting our learning programmes underway in writing, maths and reading. It is awesome to see students becoming more confident in their new routines and watch their learning take off.

The highlight of the last couple of weeks has been our Friday trips to Kelmarna Gardens, our local organic farm.  The children have loved experiencing gardening activities such as planting seeds, weeding, picking veges and making pesto.  Not to mention feeding chickens, cows and Jafa the pony!

Thanks so much to everyone who has accompanied us. Please see the photo show attachment.
Using this experience as a prompt, we have been working on writing a recall of our visit and also a procedure of how to plant a seed.

Enthusiasm is so high that we have decided to take over a couple of the school garden beds. This will be an ongoing activity and involve planting and maintaining a vegetable garden throughout the year.
With that in mind it would be great if you could save a couple of tray egg cartons, to plant our seeds in, over the next couple of weeks. We will let you know when to bring them in. (Please don’t worry if you don’t have any.)

We have developed the shared space between year 1 and 2 into a Play and Learn area where the team are involved in small group problem solving activities with a STEAM focus (Science, Maths, Engineering, Art and Maths). If you have any problem solving activities, games or jigsaws that you are able to donate we would very much appreciate it.

Our inquiry focus this term is the brain. We have learnt about the importance of a growth mindset in our attitudes towards learning and the power of it when we are working hard to achieve difficult tasks. We encourage you to talk to your children about these ideas and have a conversation about perseverance  and resilience.

Once again, we are delighted with the great start to the year, thanks in advance for your support. Please feel free to email us with any issues or questions.

Best Wishes
Annette, Lucinda and Natalie

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