Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Kowhai Team 2 – Team 4 - Week 4 ending 10 November 2017

We have been really busy in the Kowhai Team over the past few weeks. Children and teachers have been checking maths learning goals and highlighting next steps so that we can plan workshops to target each child’s next steps. The children have been making some amazing progress!

We have also been working steadily on our Don Binney inspired landscapes. The children have made plans, learned some painting techniques and applied these to their final landscape paintings.  They have also created fabulous birds to overlay on their landscape.  We are looking forward to getting  these finished soon so that we can display them in the classroom for you all to see!

Congratulations to all of the children who have led workshops so far this term. We have had some fabulous workshops and it has been amazing to see the children taking on leadership of their workshop.

Many children enjoy creating things with cardboard boxes during Flexi-Friday. We would love it if you could save up you boxes (just small ones that have been food packaging – please no boxes that have contained nut products) and send them into school for our creative children to use.

Upcoming workshops:
Friday 10th November: Sofia S, Dylan and Cameron
Friday 12th November: Bruno

There are still quite a few children who have not led a workshop this year. Please encourage them to have a go.  It can be anything that they are interested in.

Scooter Safety with Constable Rob
On the 24th November the children will be participating in scooter safety workshops with our community constable. Please send you child to school with a scooter and a helmet on this day. 

·         Children must have a hat at school.  If children don’t have a hat they will have to spend their lunchtimes in the shade.

·         We have sunscreen in class and will encourage children to take responsibility for applying their own sunscreen on sunny afternoons. 

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