Thursday, 3 August 2017

Kowhai Team Term 3 week 2 ending 4 August

Emailed 1 August
Dear Team 2 Parents
We have lots of illness, viruses and bugs going through the school at the moment. We have 32 children away sick today, 15 of these children are in Team 2!
If your child is showing any signs of sickness (high temp, lethargic, sore throats and/or tummies etc) please do not send them to school.
It would also be appreciated if children who have been sick were not sent back to school before they are back to being 100% healthy.
For those who couldn’t make it to yesterday’s learning conference and need to organise one for Wednesday please contact Linda in the school
office 09-376-5703.
Kind regards Sheryl

Please read the above message from Sheryl carefully. We have had to send children home because they have not fully recovered and this puts other children and staff at risk of picking up viruses. Today we have 28 children away, which is unprecedented – only a few are away for reasons other than illness. We are keen to have everyone back at school healthy and happy so we can get on with our learning.
Thank you to all the parents and caregivers who attended the student conferences this week. We are so proud of the way the children talked about their learning and shared their work.  The feedback the school has received from parents and families has been positive and encouraging. If our Year 2 children can talk about their learning with such understanding and confidence imagine what they will be able to do by Year 6!
It is noticeable that students who regularly complete their Mathletics homework have improved basic fact knowledge and generally make faster progression in their maths. Some students report they prefer Reading Eggs which is great but please ensure that your child is also spending time on Mathletics and completing their maths homework.
Our mini-art exhibition is coming up in week 3 (Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 August). We are excited about the art we have produced last term, especially our Maori kites, taniwha and tikis. We are looking forward to showing off our creative talents.
Parent Help -There is a new roster sheet on the doors for people who would like to help in the classroom. We appreciate any time that people can help by putting away books or helping with groups.
Friday workshops : We have given out another round of workshop forms to be filled in by children who have not run a Friday workshop yet. Can children please return their sheets so we can organise a calendar for this term – so far I only have two workshops planned it would be great to get some more booked in.
4 August
Mia T
Making and decorating gift tags
Making paper diamonds

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