Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Kowhai Team 2 Newsletter 11 May

Kowhai News, week 2, Term 2
It has been a busy and exciting start to Term 2. 

The children have really enjoyed the experiments that we have been doing in class. It has been fantastic to hear that many have also re-done the experiments at home. 

Our new systems that we have put in place for reading and maths are going really well. The children are settled and working really hard. Well done kids! 

As part of our maths and reading rotations children get opportunities to work on Mathletics and Reading Eggs. We are finding that the children need quite a bit of help to log in and log out. 

To help with building independence it would be great if they could log in and log out on their own when they are at home.

Our junior school cross-country will be held on Thursday the 18th at approximately 2pm. 

We are still looking for 5 more parent helpers. 
Helpers will be used to stand at various points around the cross-country course when the year 1’s are running to help direct ‘traffic’.  When the year 2’s run you will be able to hand the job over to the year 1 parent helpers and come up and cheer the children on. 

Please sign up on the sheet just inside the door if you can help.

·         A friendly reminder to help the children to take responsibility for packing their book bags each day, and for bringing them into the classroom.
·         Appropriate running shoes for cross-country practise.


Jane, Lucinda & Sarah

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