Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Opening Production By Finn Driscoll

I was so nervous when we started walking up to the hall. I did not no I was going to get I was going to get a big clap. I felt excited when I went off the stage and ready for tomorrow nights Production with no butterflies.After the year fours turn it was the finale and some of the year twos nearly missed the finale. I thought that I was not going to get to do the finale ( I was in the finale) because everyone was pushing and shoving outside while we waited. After the show I was so hot because I was wearing a navy green puffer jacket and navy green long jeans!!!


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  2. Lizzie: Finn you did so well in front of that big audience! I was so impressed that you knew to wait for the applause before you continued with your lines.... I wonder if that is going to happen again tonight?