Monday, 14 September 2015

Skye's Weekend Story

Skye's Weekend Story 14/9/15 “Hi.” “Hello.” On Friday night my friends Ella and Eden and Mike and Sue the Graves and the Breslens Susie Thomas Hannah and Grace their dad Richard was away in a deferent country we had this dinner because the Graves were going to England to watch the sport. It was so nice the diner but I only had half because I had a cold. After that we watched a movie called Hoodwinks but we were very cheeky and started the second one while the adults were eating. After that we played for a long time and then they went home Zzzzzzzzzzz! The next morning I went to my sister’s netball celebration and then I went home and played. My sisters and mum and me and my dad stayed at home. Well I was at home I went on my swing and fell of and sprained my neck and scratched my knee really badly. I was screaming. It was stinging with pain. My neck was so sore after that. The rest of the day I couldn’t move my neck.

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